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The Convent

The Convent

During the 17th Century a young woman is saved from execution and led to a priory to repent her sins but

discovers a greater evil lies within.

A horror film newly released on Netflix has left some viewers screaming out loud and sleeping with the lights on after their viewing sessions.

Eerie, a Filipino supernatural horror movie, was released earlier this year and added to the streaming platform’s catalogue in July.

Set at an all-girls Catholic school, the film features a “clairvoyant guidance counsellor” who “leans on a ghost to uncover the convent’s abusive past” after a student dies by suicide.

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

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1/35 sensible Boys

Lined up against a number of this year’s different a lot of sincere offerings, as well as Booksmart, sensible Boys offers any proof that swing a touch humanity in our comedy invariably gets the most effective results.

2/35 The favorite

“Macabre and fraught tho’ The favorite gets, this isn’t most a movie concerning sex or power because it is concerning plain mischief. It’s a humourousclowlike pleasure, right right down to the sets and costume style, and a breeze to pay a hundred and twenty minutes with.” St. Christopher Hooton

Fox light footage

3/35 stunning Boy

“Casting Chalamet as Nic was a awfully clever move. The young actor from decision Pine Tree State by Your Name and woman Bird incorporates a natural charm and personal magnetism. He still engages Associate in Nursing audience’s curiosity and sympathy even once his behaviour is at its most stingy and erratic.” Geoffrey Macnab

Amazon Studios

4/35 The House by the ocean

“Guédiguian’s storytelling vogue is deceptive. At first, it appears as if this is often low-keyed social realism within the Dardennes or Ken cypriniform fish mould, albeit attack the Cote d’Azur. Gradually, though, we have a tendency to realise however artificial and theatrical his approach very is.” Geoffrey Macnab

5/35 Stan & Ollie

“Director Jon S Baird, whose previous film was scabrous Irvine Welsh adaptation Filth, wrings all drop of pathos he will from his material. this is often significantly a case of the tears of the clowns.” Geoffrey Macnab

Entertainment One gomovies

6/35 Vice

“Vice is virtuosity storytelling. McKay isn’t solely taking U.S. through Cheney’s life and career however is giving U.S. a railway station tour through U.S. politics from the Chief Executive administration nearly right to this day.” Geoffrey Macnab

Annapurna footage

The Convent
7/35 are you able to Ever Forgive Me?

“Playing Lee Israel, McCarthy manages one thing terribly special: she makes a personality WHO is odd, obnoxious, tough and alcoholic appear endearing and even heroic. the remainder of the planet is guilty, not Lee.” Geoffrey Macnab

Fox light footage

8/35 inexperienced Book

“Green Book flatters the audience concerning its own horse sense and tolerance. It deals with racism and prejudice howeverstill incorporates a fairytale, fantasy feel to thatno matter humiliations Don endures on their road trip, we all know no realdamage can ever return to him as long as Tony is at his aspect.” Geoffrey Macnab

Universal footage

9/35 Velvet Buzzsaw

“The golden age of crackers horror movies is gloriously elicited by Netflix’s latest feature length presentation. starting as ahumour of the humanities world, Velvet Buzzsaw fleetly and joyously descends into a savage splatter-fest, dirty in paint, viscusand garishly-bright blood.” Ed Power


10/35 If Beale Street may speak

“The setting is ny within the Seventies. Anyone WHO has watched Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is aware of this was Associate in Nursing era of violence, corruption and tackiness on a monumental level, however [Barry] Jenkins somehow makes the townlook like a contemporary Eden.” Geoffrey Macnab

Annapurna footage

11/35 All Is True

“Written by mount Elton and directed by its star Kenneth Branagh, the film plays thus quick and loose with the playwright’s final years that they needn’t have fazed fitting Branagh with a prosthetic nose – accuracy is clearly not the priority here.” Alexandra Pollard

Sony footage Classics

12/35 The plaything picture show 2: The Second half

“The plaything picture show 2: The Second half is that the doomed issue of a celebrated genius – sensible however slightlyinferior by the data they’re going to ne’er live up to their precursor.” Clarisse Loughrey

Warner Bros. Pictures gomovies

13/35 Piercing

“Nicolas Pesce’s sleek and trendy horror comedy is repulsive and funny by turns. In adapting Ryu Murakami’s cult novel, Pesce strikes simply the correct balance between humour and Grand Guignol-style shock ways.” Geoffrey Macnab

Universal photos

14/35 Capernaum

“The best moments here square measure exceptional. Labaki elicits associate astonishing performance from her young lead. He’s associate uncontrolled figure with such associate integral sense of ethical decency the film looks upbeat and optimistic, even at its darkest moments.” Geoffrey Macnab

Sony photos Classics

15/35 The White Crow

“Ralph Fiennes combines adventure story parts with poetic flashbacks to ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev’s childhood and keepsa decent concentrate on the dancer. once he’s most in dangerdancer makes choices together with his inventive futureadditional in mind than his personal safety. As Fiennes reminds USA once more and once more in what’s his best film howeveras a director, the ‘white crow’ can do something to place himself within the limelight, the one place he’s convinced he belongs.”


16/35 Border

“Border reverses the attitude taken by most different horror films. in additional standard genre fare, Tina and Vore would berepresented as malevolent outsiders, however within the world conjured up by director Ali Abbasi, the humans square measure the monsters. Tina is that the innocent – a visionary UN agency hardly understands her own powers however UN agency will sense human corruption and corruption where it seems.”

TriArt Film movierulz

17/35 Fighting with My Family

“Certain scenes feel terribly stock and certain however the film gets you in an exceedingly choke hold too soon and won’t allow you to go. it’s way more riveting than its material may recommendUN agency ever would believe a story a few wrestling family from Norwich may have quite such heart and resonance?”

James Field

18/35 Us

“Doppelgangers pullulate with Jordan Peele’s weird, creepy and ingenious new horror film. As in his Oscar-winning 2017 feature Get Out, Peele leavens matters with ironic humour however the humorous becomes more and more uncomfortable once the most characters return face to face with dark shadows of themselves that want them extreme damage.”


The Convent

19/35 Avengers: Endgame

“The Avengers cycle involves an expensive and extremely satisfying conclusion with Endgame, sure as shooting the foremostadvanced and emotional superhero flick in Marvel history. At 181 minutes, this is often a veritable epic, however with such a large amount of characters and plot strands, it totally warrants its prolonged period of time.”


20/35 Eighth Grade

“It’s a rare and precious feeling once a movie utterly dismantles you. Eighth Grade – the directorial debut people comedian Boarchitect – breaks down each delusion we’ve regarding ourselves and burrows deep into those elements we’ve created suchan attempt to put awayyou will cry. you will shudder as each awkward social interaction that’s unbroken you up in the dark replays in your head all quicklyyou will feel the sharp pain related to those moments after you feel utterly isolated from the globearchitect could have crafted a straightforward story regarding the foremost standard of adolescent ladieshowever it speaks with the emotions of a real medium epic.”


21/35 voice lx

“Natalie Portman provides her fiercest, most unforgettable performance since swan in Brady Corbet’s agreeably subversivewittiness a few troubled pop star whose loss of innocence mirrors the autumn from grace of the USA itself. Portman’s character, Celeste, is actually one in all the foremost objectionable figures she has played: a coddled, hard-drinking drug-taking “floozy” whose look and domineering behaviour rekindle reminiscences of Liz Taylor and Crawford at their monstrous worst.”


22/35 High Life

Robert Pattinson provides one in all his most hanging performances as cards, the death-row criminal in space, tricked intocreating a voyage represented at one stage as a “class-one suicide ride”. the previous Twilight star makes his shaven-headed, gaunt-faced character appear hyper naturally sensitive and wild at constant time.


23/35 superb Grace

Amazing Grace is as rising a movie as you may see all year. It’s a concert flick recorded over 2 nights and that includes Aretha Franklin, the “first girl of soul”, playing gospel standards in an exceedingly church in la in 1972, with an enormous backing choirassociated an spirited congregation.


24/35 Aladdin

Disney’s live-action remake of its 1992 animated feature may be a noisyold school matinee-style spectacle that seems much better than we have a tendency to had any right to expect.

Walt Disney Studios Motion photos

25/35 Booksmart

“Olivia Oscar Wilde may be a visually ingenious director, UN agency keeps the tempo here thus brisk that we have a tendency to hardly notice however glib the storytelling generally becomes. {we can|we can|we are able to} tell specifically however the film will finishhowever it still feels original each in its screwball energy and within the deft means it regularly reverses stereotypes and gender clichés.” Geoffrey Macnab

Annapurna photos

26/35 Late Night

“Late Night may be a caustic sarcastic comedy that turns into associate unlikely narration. It’s by turns supercilious and rising,and sometimes terribly funny too. Its writer/producer/star Mindy Kaling makes vicious observations regarding thepointlessnessself-interest and corruption of the thought USA media at constant time as she celebrates the expertise of the many of these UN agency work inside it. The film encompasses a wonderful performance from Emma Thompson and a reallytricksy one from Kaling. Thompson is at her most masterful as Katherine Newbury, a legendary someonethe sole feminine in an exceedingly male-dominated field, however one whose career is getting down to slide.” Geoffrey Macnab

Amazon Studios

27/35 Gloria Bell

“Gloria Bell is somewhat exhausting – each unbearably intimate and at a continuing take away – however it’s endlessly forceinto focus by Moore, UN agency encompasses a firm understanding of the fragile balance between happiness and craving, joy and pain, foolhardiness and naturalnessin an exceedingly remake that might have felt indulgent within the hands of individuals less adept, she over justifies its existence.” Geoffrey Macnab


The Convent

28/35 Toy Story four

“The brilliance of the new film lies within the surefooted method it caters each for kids too young to possess seen its predecessors and for adults who’ve grownup|grownup|mature} up (or grown older) looking the previous instalments. It takes some reasonably genius for the Pixar animators to allow such a searing emotional charge to a story within which one amongst the most characters may be a single use plastic Spork retrieved from the trash.”


29/35 In material

Curzon Artificial Eye

30/35 The Flood

“Perhaps The Flood isn’t quite the pressing, profound film a crisis of this scale deserves, however in an exceedingly culturewherever refugees ar therefore seldom shown any sympathy in thought media, perhaps this can be the film we want at once.”

31/35 Midsommar

“Ari Aster’s follow-up to Hereditary serves up abundant of the same: it’s a break-up film bound up in pagan horror. It’sadditionally guaranteed to be one amongst this year’s most unforgettable films, proving that Aster is much from a one-hitsurprise.”


32/35 The Lion King

“The Lion King is beyond any doubt a technological marvel that, very like Avatar, can come back to be viewed as a milestone intricks history, nonetheless it’s even as fascinating to envision however all this innovation has been utilized.”


33/35 Varda by Agnès

“For a movie that’s nearly entirely narrated by Agnès Varda’s own voice, it doesn’t feel driven by ego, however by pure intellectual and emotional curiosity.”

34/35 Animals

“Animals treats its subjects patiently and generosity. You’ll notice no life lessons here. Its main characters ar liberal to pursue their wishes, to no matter finish.”

35/35 unsighted by the sunshine

“Blinded by the sunshine offers not solely a reminder of Springsteen’s lyrical genius, however of however he’s invariably served as a beacon for the voteless.”

Warner Brothers

Someone else aforementioned that they had screamed thrice in precisely twenty minutes of looking time, whereas another viewer tweeted: “Just watched Eerie on Netflix and umm where’s my night light?? scarey AF.”

“Watching Eerie on Netflix alone in an exceedingly building isn’t a decent plan,” somebody else wrote.

Another asked: “Just watched Eerie on Netflix and guess who’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a week?” next to a raised hand emoji.

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